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About behind the lens

The Vision

“We want to capture your most joyful moment with the magic of photography”


The Team







The Story

The name KLAP is derived from the word ‘clap’ which is pronounced as ‘klap’, that could be described as striking the palms of the hands together with a sudden sound, which is frequently used as an applause.

KLAP was founded in 2012 by 2 friends who shared the same interest, Fariz Hashra – a former magazine shooter, whose work consists mostly of celebrity portraits and Naya Nurindra – a photographer with extensive commercial experience.

On mid 2015, after a much needed refreshment, KLAP asked Annisa Gita to join the team, providing the testosterone filled joint with a feminine touch that are going to take KLAP soaring to new heights.

Being professionals in the field of photography we’ve learned that people love to be involved in the creative process, which is why at KLAP we always share our ideas to our clients, so we can deliver one of a kind memory for them to keep.